Intuitively, we all know that marital discord, whether situational, temporary, or that which is serious enough to lead to a termination of the marriage, is one of the most stressful life events one can encounter – regardless of the circumstances. I firmly believe that the first step toward alleviating that stress – or at least managing it – is to educate yourself, and thereafter, to remain actively engaged in your matter until the Decree is signed.

At McKinlay Law Offices, LLC, our goal – from initial consultation to case termination – is to provide each and every client with the knowledge and expertise required to navigate the rough seas that oft-times accompany marital separation and termination. With a combination of in-house support, and an exceptional network of outside experts, including forensic accountants; vocational experts; pension evaluators; business valuation experts; and mental health professionals, we have the resources required to effectively, and efficiently, deliver your family law solution.